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icons made by twlor

29 January 1981

If you wish to use my graphix feel free but please remember to credit, all you have to do it put twlor or twlory in your user picture keywords. Or if it is banner you are taking credit under the banner. My colourbars automatically link back to here so please do not change the codes.

I have put all my posts into memories and catergorised them if you are looking for something specific checking here should make it some what easier to find what you are looking for.

I do take requests for layouts, icons, banners and all other forms of graphix, if you have something you would like me to make then let me know and I will see what I can do, my only rule is if you do request a personal graphic please do use it, do not stop using it after a couple of days, yes I enjoy making graphix and seeing people use them and as I say I will make things for people but to get things right for peoples requests does take work and it is not nice when people then decide after a day not to use it.
If your request is a general request eg. "can you make some anna kournikova icons" then I will most likely make a batch and they will be available for everyone, in which case yo can ignore everything I just said. If however you want something specific eg. "can i have an Anna Kournikova icon saying my username on it" then I class that as specific and you will obviously be the only person who is going to use it and I don't want to do them for people who are not going to use them. If you are going to use them no problem, and I will make it for you willingly.

If you would like to see my regular journal add twlor, as it is also friends only and you will need to comment there telling me you want to be added.

One last thing just for the record I DO NOT make anything involving Roger Federer or Andy Murray . Sorry but I just cannot bring myself to do it.

I run the mesticons,simpleplanicons, callingicons, charmedicons and tennisicons communities.

and I also recommend and often post in among many others the following icons communities
ev_icons, halloween_icons _magickalicons_

Thanks to for the wonderful PSP brushes she makes i use them on some of my banners and icons so would just like to say thank you, other brushes I have made myself or been given by friends, if you see me use one of your brushes please let me know and I will happily credit you for it, If you would like any of my brushes please just ask and I will happily send you them. :)

Seann & Ashton Is Love!

Seann & Ashton Is Love!

Seann William Scott is Love!

Seann William Scott Is Shirtless Love!

Andy Roddick Is Shirtless Love!

Andy Roddick Is Pufferfish Love!

Andy Roddick Is Love In A Baseball Cap!

Stifler Is Love!

Drew Fuller Is Criminal Love

Chris Is Angelic Love

Lee Ryan Is Love
Made By twlory

All my icons are posted on my site:

layout, banners, icons and colourbars by me.